Our Goal

To be the first to marketa direct-acting monoclonal antibody for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Our Big Idea

Reduce our societal need for resistance-prone antibiotics through the development of targeted monoclonal antibiotics and related rapid diagnostics.

Bravos BioSciences’ monoclonal antibody programs target specific highly-virulent multiple antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Our monoclonal antibodies are direct-acting, have multiple modes of action, and side-step all antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

Each program is supported by rapid in vitro diagnostic to identify candidate patients in seconds.

BB100 demonstrates proof of principle against Escherichia coli ST131. As dose increases, so too does animal survival.

Superpowers to take on the Superbugs.

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Our Team

Presentations at  scientific conferences

Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Books chapters authored on PK-PD

Years as editors of major scientific journals

We are a team of experts with international experience and sophisticated skills in antimicrobial drug development. Together, we speak the language of clinicians, pharmacologists, microbiologists, drug manufacturers, and drug regulators the world over.

Christopher M. Rubino, Pharm.D.

President and Co-founder

Dr. Rubino has served as a resource for pharmaceutical firms during the submission of adult- and pediatric-related filings to the FDA and EMA across several therapeutic areas. His experience in this area spans the full breadth of activities from designing studies in adults and children to analysis of PK-PD data from such studies and, ultimately, to presentation at regulatory and international scientific meetings.

He received his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut, his Pharm.D. from the University at Buffalo, and completed a two-year post doctoral fellowship in pediatric pharmacology at the Women’s Hospital of Greensboro.

Dr. Rubino is an Adjunct Associate Research Professor at the University at Buffalo.

Paul G. Ambrose, Pharm.D., F.I.D.S.A.


Dr. Ambrose’s areas of scientific inquiry primarily involve anti-infective translational science, with the goal of improving patient care through the application of pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) principles.

He received his Pharm.D. from the University of the Pacific and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in infectious diseases at Hartford Hospital.

Dr. Ambrose has held academic appointments at the University of Oxford and the University at Buffalo.

Sujata M. Bhavnani, Pharm.D., M.S.


Dr. Bhavnani’s extensive experience evaluating exposure-response relationships for antimicrobial agents using pre-clinical and clinical data has been used to support decisions for dose selection and in vitro susceptibility test interpretive criteria for numerous new drug applications.

She received her B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, her Pharm.D. from the Albany College of Pharmacy, completed a two-year post doctoral fellowship in infectious diseases and pharmacokinetics at Millard Fillmore Hospital, and her M.S. in biometry from the University at Buffalo

Dr. Bhavnani is an Associate Research Professor at the University at Buffalo.

Michael Trang, Pharm.D.

Pharmacometric Lead

Dr. Trang’s special research interests are in population modeling, translational PK-PD research, and development/validation of optimal PK-PD study designs. He has considerable experience helping Sponsors utilize the knowledge gained from PK/PD analyses to guide decision making at critical stages of development. His roles have spanned dose selection/optimization, support of clinical trial designs, as well as clinical trial simulations.

He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University at Buffalo and completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in pharmacometrics at the Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics.

Christine Slover, Pharm.D.

Executive Director, Clinical Operations

Dr. Slover is an infectious disease pharmacotherapy specialist with over 12 years of drug development experience. She has served as the Global Project Management Lead at a mid-size company. Dr. Slover led projects in multiple therapeutic areas, including infectious diseases and immunology, from pre-clinical through clinical to registration submissions.

Jon Bruss, M.D.

Chief-Medical Officer

Dr. Bruss is an infectious disease specialist with over 20 years of drug development experience. He has led teams to successful product registration in United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. Dr. Bruss has been involved in the development of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, vaccines, and biologics ─ including immunoglobulin products and hyper-immune immunoglobulin products.

Fraser Leslie

Executive Director, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls

Mr. Leslie has more than 25 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has extensive Regulatory Affair and Quality Assurance & Compliance experience in the development, manufacture, licensing, commercialization and control of different biological products and technology platforms in Europe, Untied States, and other countries.

Brian VanScoy

Director, Pre-Clinical Laboratory Pharmacology

Mr. VanScoy is an infectious disease pre-clinical laboratory specialist with over 15 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge with the design, construct, and conduct of state-of-the-art preclinical infection models, including the one-compartment and hollow-fiber in vitro infection models and numerous in vivo infection models. Data from these models serve as a cornerstone for the de-risking of anti-infective development programs.

Our Assets

Bravos BioSciences assets include the physical, intellectual property, and funding necessary for success.
Physical Assets

Groundbreaking laboratory and computational PK-PD platform technologies combined with our teams deep experience greatly de-risk development.

Intellectual Property

Our patent portfolio supports the development of next-generation antimicrobial diagnostics and monoclonal antibody therapies the world over.


Non-dilutive funding supporting epidemiological, pre-clinical efficacy and initiation of CMC development.

Why invest in the past when the future is now?

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